Thursday 2 January 2014

a blank piece of paper...

Woohoo it's 2014! Um, excuse me while I hide under the duvet for a few days, before I emerge full of mild trepidation and good my lovely friend Modflowers, I find the turning of the year to be a double edged sword...exciting but scary, like staring at a blank piece of paper waiting for inspiration to strike. 

Illustration by the wonderful Pilgrim Lee, via Pinterest
It is easy to start the new year feeling under pressure, to be better, thinner, tidier, more organised, harder working...these are all things that I could do with working on, but I'm a natural soon as I see a 'should', I start running the other way!  So for now I'm going to potter on as usual, and avoid any attempts at big changes...I don't want to sabotage those good intentions by piling on the pressure. 

So I'm just going to look the other way while I say this...(whisper) I do want to blog more, so I'll be back soon!  If anyone's still reading after my long absence, thank you, you're lovely...and if nobody is, ah well, that's my fault...I'll be back soon anyway, cause I've missed blogland.  I hope you've all had lots of fun over the festive season.

Rachel xx