Sunday, 7 April 2013

holiday fun...

Hello lovelies, here I am again, late to the party as always, but I hope better late than never!  How has your Easter break been?  Here are some pics of mine...

Egg (and bunny) hunting...

Our Easter breakfast table at my Godmother's beautiful house in the country...

Homemade mini churros and chocolate sauce for breakfast = happy kids!

craft activity inspired by Jane's fabulous lolly people...

kept the boys entertained for hours!
a springtime visitor to a friend's garden!
I hope you've had a great time, whatever you've been up to.  We've also been busy with lots of house stuff; the continuing kitchen saga and an ongoing, perpetual attempt to declutter.  My facebook page has been keeping me busy, with some fabric flying out the door as soon as it arrives...I will take some more photos this week and update you on the latest additions to my stash! 

Today I have gained my 195th follower - welcome Debs and thanks for finding me!  I think I'll have to have a little giveaway when I hit 200, to say thanks to all of you lovely people who take the time to read and comment - it makes my day that so many of you enjoy what I do here, when I find the time to do it!

Schools go back here tomorrow so today we are watching a movie with the boys, and going to a friends later to let the kids go feral while we eat & drink to celebrate, finally, the arrival of spring.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday,

Rachel x


  1. Yay, Spring has finally found us here in Bristol hasn't it! I had a lovely afternoon sat in my garden yesterday feeling the warmth of the sun on me. Loving all your fabrics on your FB page :-)

  2. Looks like you had a great holiday. Love that Eater breakfast. x

  3. ah looks like a fab Easter time been had by all, lovely jubly xxx

  4. What a beautiful Easter table- and those Churros! I love catching up with your posts. Brilliant the fabric is going so well, Jo xx

  5. Those churros look delicious - which recipe did you use please? The lollystick people look ace! Hope you had a happy rest-of-Sunday x

  6. Thank you for the mention! It's lovely to watch the seasons unfold on the other side of the world. Your Easter looked like great fun. Am keen to try the churros.. My kids will be impressed with doughnuts and chocolate for breakfast!

  7. You are being a busy bee.....keep it up, fun to be had! :) x

  8. just joined you as a follower, I would love to see you make it to 200! your table looks very nice!

  9. I have to tell you Rachel, your facebook posts are costing me - you introduced me to Mr Specks work and I couldn't help myself! Glad things are going so well for you.

  10. love those lolly people - great faces!

  11. Your Easter looks lovely, really happy. Churros and chocolate sauce for breakfast..why have I never done this??? Yum. x

  12. Those pictures of your godmothers house look beautiful - what a perfect backdrop for enjoying some churros! Nice to meet you x Jane

  13. Hello Rachel - just muscling in here to ask if you might be able to help with my last posting - if you have time it would be great if you could have a look and any thoughts
    Best wishes


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