Tuesday, 26 March 2013

sew much fun...

Hello, how are you today? I hope you had a nice weekend, whatever the weather was like where you are!  It's just been cold and grey here, but on Sunday I had a day out and saw first hand just how much snow had been dumped on some other areas of the UK - for this time of year it really is insane.  It looked very pretty from the train, but there were moments when I wondered if I was going to get to my destination at all...but where was I going? And who with?  Well, that's the exciting bit.

A few weeks ago, back when my blogging mojo was still hiding under the sofa, I won another giveaway.  Since starting my blog I've won lots of lovely things from lots of lovely people, but this one was a bit different - rather than a pretty something or other, the prize was free tickets for 2 people to the Sewing for Pleasure Show at Birmingham NEC.  I won this rather fantastic prize over at Sew Scrumptious, so thank you very much to the lovely Louise for that!  

Of course I was delighted, but I was left with the dilemma of who that 2nd person should be...of my good friends who like sewing, one is heavily pregnant and not really up for traipsing round a sewing show on her swollen ankles, and one is currently breastfeeding.  Much as I love my friend's gorgeous baby Florence, I didn't think the addition of a 6 month old who has just started crawling would make for a relaxing day out! 

And then it hit me...the person that I probably chat to most about sewing, crafting, fabric etc is actually someone I've never met.  Sharon, AKA Modflowers, was my first ever online friend, on flickr before either of us had even thought of starting a blog.   And bless her, despite having a busy weekend planned with a trip to the Selvedge Spring Fair in London on the Saturday, she was keen to help me make the most of those free tickets.

So despite the snow, we both made it ... and what a feast for the eyes it was!

There was fabric...

and felt....

and quilts...

oh, and a bit more fabric!

We even had a chance to play on some seriously expensive quilting kit...

If you've seen Modflowers's blog post today, you may well recognise that skirt!  

To be honest the show was so big it was almost overwhelming, and we both ended up being quite restrained with our purchases.  My favourite stalls were The Eternal Maker, and Dots and Stripes...they both had some really gorgeous fabric that I haven't seen anywhere else.  Ironically, after all that colour, the only fabric I bought was some linen which was a lovely shade of...grey!  But as I'm sure you can imagine, I have plans for it which involve it being combined with lovely Heals fabrics in a rainbow of hues. 

The best thing about the day was spending a few hours with Sharon, who was as lovely in person as she comes across on her blog.  We laughed at the same things, and 'oohed' and 'aahed' over the same fabrics.  We got on like old friends, which I suppose we are in a way.   I was very glad that I'd asked her to join me for the day.  I hope she was too!

Here's hoping that by my next post, spring will have finally sprung.  In the meantime, I hope you have a good week. 

Rachel x


  1. oooh that looks like material heaven :)

  2. Wow, what a lovely day you both had, I've seen Sharon's photos too, bet it was overwhelming, from one fabric addict to another! I would be hyperventilating all over the place! :) x

  3. Sounds like heaps of fun! And I spot a lot of gorgeous fabric in your pictures. Hope you are well. X

  4. Wow, look at all those gorgeous fabrics! x

  5. Oh look at all those fabrics in rainbows of colour. As much as you're hoping the snow and cold would end, here in Queensland Australia we are having a surge in hot days again. I'd love for Autumn to hurry up and come. My growing belly and suitable options of clothing to wear that can keep my cool now I'm getting bigger is seriously limited.

  6. Lucky, happy girls... what a great day out!!
    I'm so lucky to be just up the road from The Eternal Maker, whenever I've a spare bit of cash I go there and buy some bits of Japanese linen... I have a little stash awaiting my sewing and pattern cutting skills to get to a point to make some clothes... wish I lived closer to stitch and make. Cx

  7. Sounds like you both had a wonderful day ... and I love all those gorgeous fabrics ... Bee xx

  8. It was great to meet you too Rachel! I had a thoroughly lovely time. You'll be able to read my version of events on my blog tomorrow morning, and I'll be showing off my early birthday present the day after :) Thank you SO much, both for giving me the chance to visit the show, for putting up with my non-stop chatter (sometimes I think I get a bit overexcited, I could feel it happening again today in my sewing class!) and not least, for my beautiful present xx

  9. Oh, and some of our photos are remarkably similar! Funny, that! ;) x

  10. Oh my word, all that colour and gorgeousness!! I am very jealous. It looks fabulous.

    My parents live near the Eternal Maker and I visited it a while back. Oh. My. Word. It's amazing, best fabric shop I've been in ever!

    Gillian x

  11. Oh that fabric!!! Divine day - what fun. Hopeing your blog mojo is back......I love seeing what your up to on the other side :)

  12. Sounds like you had a brilliant day together and I love all your photos of the gorgeous fabrics. I live not far from the Eternal maker, they have an amazing range of fabrics in there and lots of beautiful buttons too! xx

  13. I agree with Gillian, Eternal Maker is in my home town and it is amazing, the first time i went i was so over whelmed i couldnt buy a thing! So glad you had such a good day out.

  14. Sounds a lovely day Rachel - that quilting machine looks like something out of Dr Who. I popped to Eternal Maker the other day and spent a goodly amount of time oo'ing and ah'ing with a friend of mine. It could drain your pocket quite easily and I bought some lovely NEW (!!!) fabric to make the girls a weekend bag (not that we go away for the weekend!).
    Bloomin' cold still...
    Best wishes

  15. Looks great. Most of the stuff I collect these days is second hand, but I must admit I have a weakness for new fabrics. I don't know much about designers of fabrics, so I am joining your blog as a follower in the hope I will learn something! Happy Easter from Oz. xx


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