Sunday 8 June 2014

Tra la la...

Oh hi there!  Who me?  I've been here all along, didn't you notice?  I'm not one of those crap bloggers, who pops in every 6 months and promises to blog more often, oh no, not me! 

Ok that's enough...I'm giving up mentioning how long it's been since I was here last, apparently the more I talk about it the less I's been a whirlwind few months, so much has happened that I should have shared here but somehow I just wasn't in a blogging place.  Never mind, here's a quick catch up...

We got married (I drank a LOT of prosecco!)

I got a studio (here it is in the middle of a tidy-up!)

We went to was brilliant!

I continued to be obsessed with vintage fabric (well that wasn't going to change was it?)

There, that's all the important be honest although I haven't been here I feel like I keep in touch with a lot of you via Instagram and my Facebook page, but I do miss being here too.  At the risk of jinxing myself, I'm going to say I'll be back soon...I'm planning some big changes and an exciting announcement, so I really will see you again soon, I promise! 

Rachel xx


  1. Aw that's such a lovely picture Rachel, and what an amazing studio space - soo much gorgeous fabric! Always lovely to see your blog pop up, no matter how long its been. xxx

    1. Thank you lovely Caroline, so nice to be welcomed back by you. My studio is my happy place, I let out a sigh of satisfaction when I walk into the room...being able to have all that amazing fabric in one place is a joy! xxx

  2. My dear Rachel
    Firstly - it is very good to see you 'back in town' so to speak. Secondly - what a beautiful photograph of you both - all the very best to you and yours. Thirdly - I quite like that fabric collection of yours (ahem). Fourthly - Barcelona is a most wonderful place full of colour and wonderment. Fifthly - I see that you are duplicating the cathedral window in your fabrics so yet another wonderment.

    All the best to you

  3. Lovely to see you back Rachel ... you both looked gorgeous at your wedding ... and your studio must be a little slice of heaven ... Bee xxx

  4. Wonderful things happening in your life!! Congrats : -) And gorgeous pic of you both!
    Trudy x

  5. Welcome back lovely! So nice to see you here again. Yes you have been busy. it's been a big year for you, so many more exciting and wonderful things are coming your way, I am sure. xx

  6. good things, congratulations! Heather x

  7. Hello lovely! Am looking forward to all that delicious fabric to come :)

  8. Hello! I haven't been a very consistent blogger either and I'm also always promising myself I'll blog more :-) That's a gorgeous pic of you and your hubby! Congrats again.



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