Monday, 5 November 2012

that was the week that was...

So here we are, at the end of half term (we're lucky, it's an in-set day today - yay!)- it's been a very full week-and-a-bit, in the best possible way - lots of fun with friends and family and not too much squabbling and tearing out of maternal hair!

One thing that has slipped this week has been taking photos! I have been a bit rubbish in that department, must try harder - but here are a few that I remembered to take...

last night's sparkler fun...

a terrible photo, but this is my gorgeous sister meeting Floyd for the first time...
cuteness personified! (apologies to anyone not doggy-inclined!)...

the best pumpkin at the halloween party (not carved by me I must add!) ...

fun in the sun at the adventure playground...

a bit more autumn colour, got to enjoy it while it lasts!...
 shadow play!

Just a small selection of the fun that was had.  We also visited friends, went to the theatre, did some sewing, made mess, tidied up, made mess again...I can't wait for the next school holiday!  Though I do need a bit of time to get ready for Christmas, I'm not one of these amazingly organised people who starts buying presents in the January sales...are you?  

Oh and thanks for the comments about the rainbow flames - they were really beautiful, and were created by sprinkling some crystals called Mystical Fire onto the fire - one sprinkle lasted ages, and they're available here...we didn't get around to ordering any for bonfire night, but I'm definitely going to stock up for future fiery fun!

I hope you had a great week last week, and have another great one this week! 

Rachel x


  1. Lovely happy photos ... and yes I am like you Rachel ... I need time to prepare for Christmas ... I am never organised enough ... I have tried over the last few years to start getting some things a bit earlier maybe from October on ... it helps spread the cost in our current restricted financial state here :) ... have a lovely day ... Bee xx

  2. nice pictures, the pumpkin is amazing, a cave with an owl by it, brilliant! Heather x

  3. And there was I thinking it was magic! :)

  4. Looks like you had fun and the pup is still a cutie pie!

  5. Your half term looks lovely, lots of fun and happy memory making. I didn't want the return to routine this morning at all! But I am not at all ready for Christmas either - I need to start making gifts and writing lists soon or I'll get panicky!! x

  6. OH MY GOSH, do I like the Floyd picture? I LOVE the Floyd picture!!! That cute little face and that cheeky brown eye, sooooo adorable!! Good to hear you're having fun during half term! Thanks for the reply, by the way! Parcel is on its way. Will send you an email with the t&t code later... X

  7. Wow that pumpkin is something else! Looks like you had a lovely half term x


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