Sunday, 23 December 2012

creating christmas...

Hello and Happy Christmas!!!  The presents are wrapped, the fridge is stocked, the tree is twinkling and all is merry and bright round our way...

For a lot of people Christmas is a time of continuing family traditions.  But some people don't like it at all, or don't get on with their families.  When I was little we lived quite an unconventional life; my Mum actively rejected a lot of traditions - including Christmas.  It was acknowledged but not really celebrated, which was hard mainly because it was yet another way that we were 'different', and being too different can be difficult when you're small and trying to fit in.  I understand her reasons for not wanting to spend all day with people she didn't feel comfortable with, or make a martyr of herself in the kitchen by slaving over food she doesn't even like.  But I did wish we could find our own way of making Christmas a special time.  

And that's what we do now.  I suppose the advantage of growing up without traditions is that we can invent our own, without fear of offending or disappointing anyone by not doing things 'their way'.  So we have a tree, and decorations - and we go to F's parents on the day, who are the opposite of my Mum in many I get the best of both pressure from my side of the family,  and a lavish Christmas spread that I don't have to cook! 

Christmas is not always an easy time for people, but at its best it's a time to reconnect with those close to us and bring some brightness into these short dark winter days.  So however you choose to spend the festive season, I hope you enjoy it.

Rachel xx


  1. Hoping you have a very enjoyable time!


  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family, enjoy your day. Sarah x

  3. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas Rachel and a very Happy New Year ... Bee xxx

    PS Received my lovely mirror ... thanks so much ... need to pay you :) ... xx

  4. Have a wonderful Christmas! Colleen x

  5. Merry Christmas Rachel may you continue to build special moments and traditions.

  6. Happy Christmas! Enjoy the lavish spread!x

  7. Merry Christmas Rachel. I think that one of the most lovely things about having children at Christmas time is that you can invent your own family Christmas, with your own little traditions that your kids will remember for the rest of their lives.

  8. Lucky us, not having to cook ;)
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas, your way! Love and best wishes, nick xx

  9. Merry Christmas lovely friend! Gorgeous post, I love your take on making your own traditions for Christmas. Have a great time with the kids and the puppy! x

  10. What a lovely Christmas post, and so beautifully put. As you say, you are free to start your own traditions.

    Have a wonderful time!

    Gillian x

  11. an interesting post, I think in the 70's alot of people turned their back on the traditional things, but difficult for their small children perhaps. I'm glad you've got the best of both worlds now! Have a lovely day tomorrow, Heather x

  12. Sounds as though you have a good balance there Rachel - best wishes for the festive season and every happiness for the forthcoming year

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  14. Merriest of Christmas' to you RM and the happiest of New Year's to you and your family RM2 xx


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