Monday, 25 February 2013


Oh my goodness it's been too long since my last post!  So to get me back into this blogging lark, here are some pics of recent goings-on round my way...

some of the lovely bits I won in Caroline's giveaway...
signs of spring...
hearts and pancakes (weeks ago!)...

another lovely spring flower...

a bonfire with friends...
our local city farm allotments have been yarn bombed!
my amazingly talented friend Cath made this tiny diorama which hangs in her living room...
crocuses are one of my favourite spring flowers...
a few finds from my weekend away - back at the beginning of Feb!
I never mean to take long breaks from blogging, but the last few weeks have flown by - I can't believe it's March already!  We have been given some 2nd hand kitchen units - our kitchen was in dire need of refurbishing so the last couple of weeks have been spent stripping artex (vile stuff!) off the ceiling, and plumbing, and living surrounded by the contents of our kitchen in boxes.  It's nearly finished but we still have the tiling to go, and as Frank's doing it all himself it's still going to be a week or two before we can stand back and admire the final result.  It's been hard work but it will be worth it!

I've been buying lots more fabric to restock for my next fabric sale so now the sun is putting in occasional appearances I'll take some pics and let you all have a sneak peek... :)

I hope you're enjoying the start of spring...I've been terrible at keeping up with all my favourite blogs (it was impossible to sit at the PC when Frank was working so hard in the kitchen - would have made me feel awfully guilty!) but I hope to catch up with you all soon.  

Thanks for reading and welcome to my new followers - lovely of you to join me here!

Rachel xx


  1. Beautiful pictures I love the diorama :)
    Vintage Inspired Fashion by Independent Designers for Your Little darling

  2. Welcome back :) I love that diorama. I've never made one, but that is a little inspirational I have to say! Can't wait to see the pics and produce from the new kitchen!!

  3. We have a kitchen refurb coming up too, no new units I'm afraid, but all the lovely new ceilings and walls, you know, the stuff that causes the least mess! Pictures please, when you've finished!! I might just yarn bomb my veg beds! :) x

  4. Hi Rachel. We are thinking of doing a cheap revamp of our old kitchen so I'd like to see what you've done. Soooo glad spring is coming.

  5. Hello there ... lovely to see you back ... I love the little diorama ... just beautiful and the yarn bombing is brilliant ... looking forward to seeing the result of all the hard work ... Bee xx

  6. Oh I love the yarn bombing at the allotments! x

  7. The yarn bombed allotments look great! Lovely to have you back :-) x

  8. lovely pictures, looks like you've been busy :)

  9. That's some of the prettiest yarn bombing I've ever seen!

    Don't stay away so long this time x

  10. So good to see you back here! Great pictures, that yarn bombing looks fun. I've still never actually seen any "real life" yarn bombing round these parts.

    That photo of the sunshine on the blossom is gorgeous.

    Gillian x

  11. I have been enjoying the Hellibores too. What a lovely allotment! Its been great watching you go from stength to strength on facebook too :)

  12. Hi Rachel, such lovely pictures - those spring flowers are beautiful. I love your heart pancakes and those are great finds. xx

  13. Hello there! It happens to me too, amazing how easily a couple of days without blogging can turn into a week or two... Especially when you've got house stuff going on, that always throws a spanner in the works. Hope it's all going well. X

  14. Delicious photographs Rachel - especially love the trees, blossom and little diorma. Life is so busy isn't it - looking forward to the arrival of proper Spring though and your kitchen!!
    Best wishes and rest awhile

  15. lovely yarn bomb! look forward to seeing the kitchen revamp! Heather x


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