Monday, 18 March 2013


Hello and Happy Monday!! The sun has been shining here but both my boys are ill - again! - so we are sofa bound today.  Still, it's good to see the sunlight and glimpse green shoots in the garden.  How are you? I hope you had a nice weekend.  

Everything here has been very busy recently; the kitchen is still a work in progress so home is even more messy and chaotic than usual.  I have been such a haphazard blogger this year; I have decided my blogging mojo is a small furry animal who likes to sleep a lot in winter.  I think it hides under the sofa with the dust and odd socks and only comes out when the sun shines. 

Something I should have shared a while ago is the lovely swap I took part in, organised by Lisa of the gorgeous blog BoboBun.  My swap partner was Joanne of ReVamped Vintage, she's not been blogging long and her blog is lovely.  The swap's theme was 4 Happy Things (to celebrate 4 years of BoboBun) and Lisa suggested sending gifts with the themes of Childhood, Handmade, Vintage, and Favourite Colours.  

Here are the treasures that Joanne sent me...
this lovely mug was filled...

...with retro sweeties!

An inspired choice to evoke a 70s childhood!

surely the loveliest hot water bottle cover ever made!

had to show you a close-up of the flowers, they are just so lovely.

AND a very gorgeous handmade pin cushion!

a lovely vintage vase with a very interesting shape...
and a stunning selection  of vintage wallpaper squares in beautiful colours!
Understandably I feel very lucky to have been paired up with Joanne, I hope that she liked what I sent her too...pop on over to her blog post about the swap to see what she got! 

Here's hoping that my mojo has come out of hibernation now...I do love blogging and I get so much from reading your comments and checking in with all your lovely blogs.  Thanks for reading and commenting even when I go a bit quiet, it means so much to me.  I have lots of other things to show you and tell you about so I'll be back soon!

Rachel xx


  1. Oh my Dougal the dog .. I used to love the Magic Roundabout :) The Faeries finally stopped lurking and started blogging today, please pop over and say hi x

  2. Lucky you, what a load of pretty things!! Sorry to hear about the boys being ill again. Hope they'll be better really soon. Here all's perfectly fine. We made a start on the nursery which I blogged about last weekend. Somehow I think you'll like the wallpaper in our girl's room...Retro!! ;) Now the search continues for all the other bits and pieces. Exciting. Hugs and x for you and Floyd! :D

  3. wow, those wall papers are stunning... i love them :)

  4. Treasure indeed... Lovely that you both loved what the other sent... isn't it great when it works! i had a great fabric swap with Joanne early in the year... LOVE that hotwater bottle cover... rather fancy making one of those I wonder where the pattern came from. Cx

  5. Wow that's a lovely parcel of joy! Lucky you! I've never done a swapsie thing - I must do one day..
    Just caught up with your last few posts too... so much eye candy!

  6. What a cool swap! You did well there and it looks like Joanne totally got you and the things you like.

    Hope your boys get well soon. We woke to snow this morning - most unwelcome!

    Gillian x

  7. Oh what lovely things Rachel ... I took part in Mrs Bun's swap too ... I loved doing it ... it's really lovely to see you back ... you are missed ... hoping the boys feel better soon ... Bee xx

  8. What a great idea, nothing beats a parcel!

  9. I know the feeling, my blogging mojo has defo been in deep hibernation this year. Must try harder! Lizzie

  10. Some lovely things there, you are soooo lucky! :) x

  11. What lovely goodies, you lucky thing. I really love those wallpapers and the mug.

  12. What gorgeous things you received, such a fun thing to take part in. Sorry to hear your boys have been unwell again, hope they're feeling better now. xx

  13. I hope your mojo is on its way back too! I am also hoping that my kitchen will emerge with spring too!


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