Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Hello, is there anybody out there?

Welcome to my blog, which I've been planning for a while - I'm finally sitting down and putting fingers to keyboard (I would prefer pencil and paper, which is probably why it's taken me so long to get started).  It's a space for sharing what inspires me; things that I make, love, have or lust after. 

I'm hoping to share lots of original and unique things that I and other people make, along with any special vintage finds I think people might like to see - I am a car boot and charity shop addict, and can't be trusted within 10 feet of Ebay! Hopefully it won't just be a long shopping list of stuff I want, or a gallery of the many and varied bits of vintage loveliness that sit around my house gathering dust but making me happy whenever I look at them, though it will definitely be a bit of both.  Please let me know what you think, I'd love to hear from you!

Rachel x


  1. yay! Well done! I cannot believe your fabric stash on the header... sooo jealous. Need to come over and have look (put some in my bag) :-) x

    1. thanks Lou, must admit your beautiful blog is a big inspiration - and yes my stash is a bit absurd, I have a serious ebay addiction! Maybe we could do a swap - you take some lovely photos of my stock (when I've made some!) in return for a special piece of fabric or 2? ;-) x

  2. Well done! ........ Sure there are people out there, but you've got to blog it and blag it and tweet it and shout it to get readership. Keep at it! M


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