Wednesday, 25 January 2012

my first commercial successes!

Here are pictures of some of the things I made to sell at my son's school Christmas Craft Fair. I decided to do the fair at the last minute and had very little time to make stock, luckily I shared the stall with my friend Cath (aka Handmade Mum) and my Mum who'd made some lovely jewellery, so I only had to fill a 3rd of the table! 

I definitely need to work on how to photograph my makes, though a big thanks to my lovely partner for taking these photos at the last minute before we packed the car to go to the fair.  I also made a load of lovely lavender bags out of vintage fabric scraps, and to my delight and amazement I sold the lampshade, the pair of bird & owl cushions and all the lavender bags. 

The lightning flash cushion I took into a pop-up shop which appeared locally for a month before Christmas, and they agreed to take it on sale or return, and asked me to make a lampshade out of some amazing 70s french fabric I showed them - both of those sold on Christmas eve, which was a great extra present!  So all in all a very successful dipping of my toe into the world of selling my creations, and a definite kick up the arse to get me started on this blog and my soon to come Etsy shop. 

I have a massive collection of very special 60s and 70s fabric, so there will be lots more of this sort of thing to come, I hope you like it! 

Rachel x


  1. Look at these matching radios and lampshades and look at the prices!
    I'm wondering if I could wallpaper a radio now!

  2. I know Cath, that's the thing about having an established, 'aspirational' brand like Orla Kiely, you can charge pretty much what you like! I do love her prints but apart from 1 2nd hand handbag they're a tad pricey for my current lifestyle. I like your thinking, DIY! x


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