Monday, 30 January 2012

where does the time go?!

Happy cold snowy Monday!  Had plans for a (hopefully) lovely post with lots of photos of fabric, but what with childcare, a visit from my Mum, a Tax return to complete, and a messy house, there has been no time for taking photos.  And as it's a grey snowy day and my house is small and dark the light's pretty terrible today anyway.  So here's a colourful photo that I took before Christmas (no it's not my house, I wish it was!) - I don't know what the plant is called, but the purple berries against the orange door make me very happy!

Hopefully tomorrow will be full of creativity and the time I need to share it with you.

Rachel x


  1. ... and I was a child in the 70s too. A decade not quite like any other, I believe. I will be following your creative journey from Norway.
    Lilli :)

    1. Hi Lilli, thank you for finding me and joining me on my journey from Norway! I have just made the time to look at your blog, it is magical, I will be following you too! I agree that the 70s were a special decade. I am very glad that you got your doll back! Rachel :)


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