Friday, 24 August 2012

thanks and a tune for you...

Thanks all of you for your lovely messages earlier.  I really appreciate you taking the time to send a hug or a kind word, it has made a real difference to my day.  I find it hard striking the right balance here, between honesty and misery, or positivity and inauthenticity (is that even a word?!) - I don't want to act like my life is always perfect, but I don't want to bum anyone out either, and of course I know everyone's got their own problems to deal with, a lot of which are probably far more challenging than mine.

I'm sure my worries are being amplified by the school holidays, the rain and being woken at a hellishly early hour by the boys - giving us all a lazy day with no expectations seems to have helped my mood to lighten, combined with the magical feeling of being supported by you lovely bloggy women, most of whom I've never even met - it's a lovely thing. 

Here's the tune that I listened to today that helped me to get a grip, it's beautiful and wistful, not too happy but not too sad, and from my one of my favourite films...RIP Tony Scott, what a sad thing, puts my minor wobbles into proper perspective.

I hope you didn't mind me sharing my blue mood, I think maybe I should have saved that post as a draft and waited to see how the day panned out, but at that moment I needed friends and you were there, thank you.

I hope you have a beautiful, joyous weekend.

Rachel x


  1. mwar xx a night out with me next week I think is in order xx

  2. I missed your earlier entry, so sorry to hear that you are feeling down - hope you feel better soon. Much love x

  3. I Missed your sad post too, hope you are feeling brighter now. Thanks for the tune i dont know it or the film. Chin up. Sarah x

  4. Hello - just seen this and your earlier post. Sorry to hear you've had a rough week. Early starts and the school holidays do make everything that bit harder. But isn't the blogging community wonderful? I know what you mean about what to share or not share. I find it hard to strike the right balance between celebrating and enjoying the positives in life on my blog, while not presenting a version of my life that is too far removed from the (very mundane) reality! Take care. xx

  5. How sweet of you to post this and glad to hear you're doing slightly better!! Thanks for the tune, I love it, seen the movie over 3 times, it's the best. Chin up and take care! :)

  6. Thanks for the tune! Have a good weekend! Ada :)

  7. Sending you a huge bloggy hug, hope your day improves xxxx

  8. Just wanted to say Hi Rachel, after you visited our blog. I read this and your previous post and glad you are on the up again! I'm off to read a few more of your posts but hope your weekend turns out to be a fab one!

    Ellie x


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