Wednesday, 15 February 2012

just a few of my favourite things...#2

Half term is here and I'm wading through a sea of lego and being asked for snacks every 2 minutes, but despite the chaos I'm managing minutes here and there to collect inspiration; here are a few of the lovely things that have made me go 'ooh' this week...

this lovely print from the wonderful mrs eliot books, which is continuing my yellow theme, and just feels really fresh and lively.  Chevrons, zigzags and triangles are really appealing to me at the moment - here's a contemporary fabric I'm loving today -

It's from Hus & Hem which has got lots of fantastic Scandinavian design for around the home; I also love their prints and greetings cards.

While browsing Hus & Hem I found something to solve a crafting dilemma I've had for a while: 

it's a diy mobile - I wanted to make mobiles when the boys were babies and thought about doing it with sticks, but didn't want it to look too 'handmade' - these lovely coloured hangers are perfect for hanging things made out of anything you like - paper, fabric, shrink plastic...time to play!

Speaking of playing, it's time to go...the lego is calling! 

Have a lovely week, 

Rachel x


  1. oh thank you rachel! lovely to happen upon this today. love those hangers by the way, hus & hem is amazing! x

    1. you're welcome Francesca, to be honest I had trouble choosing just one thing from your lovely shops! I'm also lusting after your Octons cushions, so will be featuring those another time I'm sure. and yes hus & hem is brilliant, every time I check it out my wishlist gets longer! x

  2. I love these hangers! I always think about making a mobile and then think about the way to hang them. No here's the answer... I have masses of hama bead creations that we've made.. these would look great together! lou x

    1. ooh yes they'd be perfect for Hama beads, what a great idea! I'm also thinking just really simple shapes cut out of origami paper - clouds maybe?! x


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