Friday, 3 February 2012

remembering what's important

I'm really enjoying having this space to collect all my thoughts and special finds in one place, but since starting this blog last week I have realised just how little time I have to devote to it! So today it's a short post, and here's a picture of the main reason I have so little time for my own creative stuff:

It's a blurry shot cause he never stays still for a photo, he's too busy zooming around - he's amazing, and before I know it he'll be at school with his big brother.  So today I'm remembering how precious his toddlerhood is, and how lucky I am to be able to spend every day with him. There will be plenty of time for indulging my fabric/design/craft addiction in the years to come!

Hope you all have a great weekend. x


  1. I understand you, more than you can imagine. But yes, that's the best reason a mother could possibly have. And what a sweet little 'reason' that is. Just take it easy, blog when you have the time and urge.
    Enjoy your weekend together!
    Lilli x

  2. Ah thank you Lilli, my lovely new friend! One of the best things about motherhood is how it is a shared experience with all the other mothers out there, that easy understanding that we have of each other's lives and feelings. It's nice to be sharing with you. Rachel x

  3. Ahh, it all sounds very familiar! A head full of ideas, a cupboard full of fabric, bags full of wool, a sewing machine that rarely comes out of its case! Your blog is for you. I read somewhere once that you should never apologise for not blogging as it will start to feel like something you have to do, rather that something you want to do. Your blog will always be here, children are small for only a short time :)

  4. thanks for your lovely comment Dilly, that's exactly what I was trying to say - my boys are changing every day, and I don't want to look up from the pc one day and realise I've missed their childhood cause I've been too busy thinking about fabric! ;-)


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