Monday, 6 February 2012

you never know what you might find....

When I was younger and was busy misspending my youth in a shared house with a lovely bunch of friends, we would never buy what we needed straight away - partly because we were always skint and spending our cash on partying, and partly because we lived in an area with a lot of skips.  We used to verbalise a need; 'We need a watering can'...and lo, on a trip to the shops or a walk to the park, there would be just what we needed waiting patiently to be found.  

Nowadays my trust in 'the great god skip who will provide' (as we used to call him/her/it) has waned somewhat, and I'm quite likely to nip off to Ikea the moment a need has been identified (well, we always need wine glasses), but sometimes my lovely skip deity still likes to surprise me - check out what I found in a pile of junk outside a house being done up round the corner!  The paint is a bit tired, and I will definitely be lining the inside with vintage wallpaper, but I am properly delighted with my lovely new mid-century bathroom cupboard. So keep your eyes peeled, there could be treasure lurking round the next corner....


  1. This has really made me smile - spontaneous skip gifting is a wonderful thing. And so is Ikea - although I am now 120km from the nearest one.

  2. Hi Karin, welcome to my blog! although you're 120 miles from an Ikea, I suspect you're close to lots of beautiful Finnish wilderness, so I don't feel too sorry for you - though of course if there was something you needed from Ikea, I'd be happy to provide a personal delivery service, for the modest fee of the price of a flight! x

  3. Nice try :) Shopping in Ikea is a real treat as it means a trip to Sweden where most things are cheaper, so I end up buying loads of food. And yes there is lots of beautiful wilderness here, and it's all very white and cold right now.


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