Thursday, 8 March 2012

the f word....

Well international women's day is here again, and yes of course every day should be a good day for women everywhere, but it is a reminder that most women in the world still suffer terrible inequalities.  I am lucky to have control of my life and my body, and despite the depressing fact that many women still don't consider themselves feminists, I always have and always will (my profile picture might suggest that!)....

Have a great, creative day, and take a moment to appreciate your freedom, it is hard won and precious.

Rachel x 


  1. Hi Rachel, well me too and despite its very unfashionable status these days I feel its so important. I think so many young women today know nothing about the struggle and the hard won freedoms we all enjoy. Women's studies should find its way into the curriculum somewhere. Anyway happy women's day to you and yours, lovely to find you1 Jo x

  2. thanks Jo, nice to know you feel the same, I also think it's very important. I know a lot of people aren't keen on being overtly political, but I feel that just feeds in to the idea that we are powerless to affect the world that we live in, and the suffragettes were proof that that's just not true! I'm glad you found me, it's lovely to have you here! Rach x


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