Saturday, 24 March 2012

NO WAY!!!!!

EEEEEEEEP!! My post this morning was about a giveaway on the lovely Jen's blog, little birdie - well, I won it! Outrageously lucky week, feeling slightly freaked out... think F would have preferred a lottery win, but I love the squirrel tea towel so I'm happy! Won't be entering any more giveaways for a bit, winning any more would just be rude.  

My new lucky number (which I've always been fond of).... 

I think I should do one soon, it's time to spread the love!  What would you prefer - some vintage china, a piece of vintage fabric, or a cushion cover in your choice of fabric from a selection? Let me know and I'll start planning - I'm up to 30 followers today, when I hit 50 I'll be sharing some rainbow vintage loveliness with a lucky winner or two.

Hope you all have a lovely, lucky day!

Rachel x


  1. Very Happy 30th!!Lucky Lucky Lucky

    1. Thanks Jane, I've never considered myself either lucky or unlucky in that kind of way, though I'm happy with my life and don't like to take things for granted - I know it's random but I do feel a bit special this week!

  2. Go on..... enter some more giveaways and see how many more wins you get... you're on a roll! (dare you :D)
    Fabola news on the tea towel win, it's super duper gorgeous. Do you think you'll use it or just admire it (I would do the latter!)
    And when you make it to 50 followers I do have a slight preference towards the fabric type of giveaway.
    Hope you're having a great weekend with a huge smile on your dial
    Jo :)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, as you can see from today's post I can't resist a good giveaway, though I'm not expecting to win anything else for a while - 3 times in a week is a bit spooky! No, I won't be using the tea towel - it's far too lovely to end up tatty and stained! I already have a small collection of lovely vintage tea towels, the squirrel can live with them.

      I thought a fabric giveaway would be a good idea, I'll come up with a nice little selection and the winner can choose their favourite.

      Happy Sunny Sunday! x


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