Monday, 19 March 2012

vintage & flea - rummaging heaven!

Well much as I love my boys, I'm afraid Mother's day morning was not about me as a Mum, but about me as a vintage & retro addict.  I headed off to the Bristol Vintage & Flea Market which is held monthly just round the corner from my house, with a good friend who isn't really into that kind of thing, but loves me enough to wait with a cup of tea while I got over-excited about the stalls! 

I used to be a sucker for a box of shiny things, but nowadays I'm happy with a photo....
Love the mad expression on this deer's face!
 A lovely vintage style cat from Katie May's Bears....
 If I'd started looking through the scarves, I would have been there all day...

I found that having my camera made it easier to be restrained, if something had a gorgeous pattern on it, I could just take a photo instead of giving it a new home in my already over-crowded house.

I love these 70s M&S trays - I'm glad I already  have a matching tea towel in blues, as I really don't need any more trays but this pattern is hard to resist!
This little basket was very tempting, with its cheerful yellow and floral motif...

  and I love the bright concentric circles on this box...

While I was there I bumped into the lovely Lou, and we spent a bit of time ooohing and aaahing over some rather fabulous curtains, one pair of which I managed to resist (a tad too extravagant, though gorgeously scandi), and one which I didn't - a photo of them will be shared tomorrow!  After all that I allowed my friend to steer me in the direction of a nice local cafe for brunch, and then I was off home to build a den with my boys. A very good day!

Monday has rolled around all too quickly, here we are again - hope you have a good one.

Rachel x


  1. It was brill wasn't it?! I can't wait to go again next month! Clearing the entire day, as an hour just wasn't enough. have a good week lovely Rachel, see you on Thursday. x

    1. It was really great, and very nice to see you there so we could get excited about curtains together! xx

  2. oooooh missed this post, You did very well to resist. I too am trying to be restrained. Jo xx

  3. I love those trays, and that deer's expression is rather funny :-)


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