Wednesday, 21 March 2012

what a week - peacocks and sunshine...

Wow what a week, a bit non-stop but pretty much all good thankfully.  Unbelievably I have won another treat, only a day after winning these!  

Bristol artist Rebekah Leigh Marshall had a giveaway on her Facebook page, and I was the third name out of 3 pulled out of her hat - I got to choose a print, and I have chosen this (with input from F, who has to live with a lot of things of mine that he wouldn't choose, so I thought it fair to involve him in the decision for once!) ...

Isn't it beautiful?! Go and check out her Etsy shop if you haven't seen her work before, it's got some gorgeous prints and cards in it.

And now the lovely Lou has given me a Sunshine Award, which involved answering the following questions and passing them on to another 5 fabulous sunshiney bloggers:

Colour: The point where blue and green meet, variously called teal, turquoise, or aqua depending on the tone -  
            although I'm currently very keen on yellow!
Animal: Cat or bird, depending on my mood - cat for lazing about, bird for freedom (& nest building!)
Non-Alcoholic drink:  Strong coffee in the morning, Earl Grey tea in the afternoon
Facebook or Twitter:   Facebook cause I have a lot of friends who live far away. I have never tweeted, don't think  
           I would know how (or why!).
Getting or giving presents:  Giving, I love choosing just the right thing for someone. When it comes to getting, I  
           prefer to choose for myself cause I'm such a control freak - isn't that awful?!
Flower: Apple blossom
Pattern: bold 60s floral, geometric, spots, stripes - very hard to choose this one!!
Passion: colour & kids, fabric & family, pattern & parenting - variations on a theme!
Number: 5 (same as Lou, another thing we've got in common along with mid-century mania!) 

As you can see I am no good at choosing one thing when 2 or 3 will do! and now I pass these questions onto....

Caroline, Siane, Jo, Karen and Jenny

I don't know any of you lovely ladies well, having met over t'internet through enjoying each others' blogs, so I'll be interested to see what you all answer, and who you link to next...

Hope it's sunny where you are, thanks for stopping by!

Rachel x


  1. hurrah! Well done.. if you win the lottery, you will remember me won't you?! Don't change! x

    1. I will never forget my friends! I'll invite you to stay in my mansion....ha ha we would buy a house on Greville Road and give a load away, as long as I get a craft room/studio I'll be happy, I'm not greedy! xx

  2. Thank you sooo much - you really have brought some sunshine into my day x

    1. I'm glad you're pleased Karen - I like to spread the sunshine! x

  3. Thank you so much for passing on some sunshine my way, really lovely! No didn't make them myself, I simply HAD to buy yummy cakes for the sake of the photo challenge! x

    1. You're so welcome! And your photo was good enough to eat, I hope they tasted as good as they looked! x

  4. Oh Wow, I was looking through the links to see some new blogs and saw one of them was me! Bizarre but in a nice way! Thanks for my sunshine award Rachel, I'll get on to answering the questions in a couple of days once I take Fuzzy Wuzzy home and I have a bit of time to see who I want to send the award onto. Thanks again, I am chuffed!
    Jo :)

    1. I'm glad you're pleased, I knew you wouldn't have time to do it straight away while looking after the little munchkin! Hope you're having a lovely time with her, how old is she? she's super cute! Looking forward to your answers and links. x


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