Wednesday, 7 March 2012

hurrah for everything!

Wow what a week, from the ridiculous to the sublime - more illness, a broken washing machine, the usual too much boring domestic stuff to do and not enough time or energy.  And then to balance and outweigh all that, the beautiful sunshine, and yesterday meeting up with Lou of, who lives just around the corner from me.  

Our older boys go to the same school so we have known each other to say hello to for a while, but since I started my blog she has been full of encouragement and it was lovely to get together.  She went home and blogged about her visit, and it was funny to see my home from her perspective - she noticed all my favourite things, and made me look at my messy toy strewn house with renewed affection.  She has a lovely Etsy shop with cards of her photos and illustrations, this is my favourite of her new postcards... 

She's getting some A3 and A4 prints in the shop soon, I'm looking forward to seeing them!

So many people read her post and came here to have a look at my little blog, and left such lovely comments, that I'm now feeling thoroughly chuffed and and definitely reassured that people like what I'm doing; just the encouragement I need to get on and open my Etsy shop.  Now I just need to get rid of the germs and the laundry mountain so that I can make the time! 

Thanks for visiting, have a lovely day! 

Rachel x


  1. My pleasure! Yes get on with it, want to see some of that stunning fabric turned into cushions please! x

    1. will do Lou, yours is top of the list! and 169 pageviews yesterday and 6 new followers, thank you lady!! x

  2. hey Rachel, I find it's the other way round - because of the laundry mountain I find the time to do the art/making instead, laundry mountain is welcome to stay where it is if it wants!!

    1. don't get me wrong Mel, there is always a hill of laundry and that is fine and dandy, I can quite happily ignore it and get on with the fun stuff. but without a washing machine I am in danger of disappearing under an avalanche of pants...not a good way to go, and definitely not conducive to creativity! x


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